Terms & Conditions

Please read and sign below if you agree to the terms and conditions below. Reach West will only support the request of data and the search for eligible participants from researchers who agree with all terms and conditions.

  1. Any data given will be used solely for the purpose outlined in this application and will not be used for any subsequent research study
  2. Any participants who consent to take part in the study outlined above, will not be contacted by the researcher to be involved in any future study
  3. Any data provided will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  4. The data provided by Reach West will not be shared with any other individual, research group or organisation
  5. To inform Reach West of any changes made to the study protocol which involves the use of Reach West provided data
  6. To provide Reach West with an end of study evaluation and study outcomes
  7. To inform Reach West of those participants who have consented to take part in the their study and to continue to provide Reach West with any information relating to participants and their involvement in the study
  8. Reach West has the right to request any further information from the study correspondent and can terminate an application without the need to provide a reason