Meet the team

  • Jenny Donovan

    Jenny Donovan - Director

    Jenny is Professor of Social Medicine at the University of Bristol and Director of NIHR CLAHRC West.  Jenny along with Professor Richard Martin have been instrumental in the creation and development of Reach West.  Jenny oversees the running and ongoing progress of Reach West.

    Jenny’s main research interests are in people's experiences of illness and health care and the acceptability of healthcare interventions. Other research interests are in perceptions of arthritis, compliance with medications, urinary incontinence, and methodological research attempting to improve the design and conduct of randomised controlled trials of healthcare interventions using qualitative research methods.

  • Verity Leach

    Verity Leach - Lead Project Researcher

    Verity works as a Research Associate in Applied Health Research at the University of Bristol and the NIHR’s CLAHRC West.  Verity’s main project since coming to Bristol has been to establish and manage Reach West and has been the project’s lead applied researcher since its beginning.

    As well as focusing on Reach West, Verity is also involved in other research projects as part of NIHR’s CLAHRC West.  Verity has a BSc (Hons) in Medical Genetics and a PhD in behaviour change theory and its role in the implementation of genetic knowledge and utilisation among healthcare professionals.

    Phone0117 342 7718

  • Chris Hawkins

    Chris Hawkins - Administrator

    Chris is the lead administrator for Reach West.  Chris work as the Information Officer for NIHR CLAHRC West and conducts administration for various other project within this team.

    Chris has an extensive background in administration and customer service and in previous roles has designed and implemented various computer systems. Chris has been involved in producing multimedia content for several advertising campaigns as well as creating and maintaining websites and social media platforms.

    Phone0117 342 7718

  • Ruta Margelyte

    Ruta Margelyte - Researcher

    Ruta acquired skills in systems development when working for the NHS and now uses these skills to build the platform for Reach West and manage the collected data.

    Ruta graduated from the University of Vilnius in Lithuania with a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics. Following this she moved to the West of England and obtained an MSc in Statistics and Management from UWE.

  • Richard Martin

    Richard Martin - Research Lead

    Richard is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Bristol.  Richard along with Professor Jenny Donovan have been instrumental in the creation and development of Reach West.  Richard oversees the research side of Reach West, both in developing Reach West but also in managing applications from research teams.

    Richard’s main research interests are: i) prostate cancer, predicting its progression and secondary and tertiary prevention of the disease via population-based screening and nutritional and lifestyle interventions; ii) the short- and long-term child and adult health effects of breastfeeding and early growth; and iii) uncovering unexpected beneficial and adverse effects of commonly prescribed drugs through pharmaco-epidemiological studies.